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THQ Nordic announces August Digital Showcase


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Microfiction Maestro
Mar 25, 2023

Anything you'd want them to announce / a remake or reboot, perhaps? Sequel? I know they aren't exactly heavy-hitters, but I felt like I should mention it.
Staff member
Feb 3, 2023
Hmm... you're right to say THQ Nordic isn't among the heavy-hitters, haha. That in mind, I (and I think many others) have nostalgic memories about their backlog of videogames.

Firstly, I am genuinely interested in Alone in the Dark. As a horror fan, I am always interested in more horror videogames to play. Let's hope they can make something cool with it. The last couple Alone in the Dark videogames have left a lot to be desired (I did play and complete the one for the PlayStation 3 - which I didn't particularly enjoy).

Second, as a wrestling fan, I do plan to check out the AEW Fight Forever videogame. It has been nearly a decade since I have actively played a wrestling videogame (I usually enjoyed the WWE 2K videogames, but their quality / my interest in them waned over the years). Fight Forever looks like it appeals more to the older crowd, looking for an arcade-style gameplay experience. I dig that. Personally, my favorite wrestling game is SmackDown: Here Comes the Pain, whereas this appears to play closer to No Mercy. I'm interested.

I know it wasn't exactly THQ Nordic that did it (it was Avalanche Studios, but THQ published), but I would love to see a remake of the Tak & the Power of Juju videogame series - I remembered them as modestly enjoyable mascot videogames (which I quite enjoy).

What are you looking forward to, @Jobie?