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Readers Digested, Vol. 2 - Available Now on Amazon


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Mishmashers Publishing welcomes you to face the horrors of the mind. Be aware though, it may just eat you alive!

Back again, Readers Digested, Vol. 2 continues the formula established with its predecessor, bringing several talented, enthusiastic writers to you! Our desire? To scare the hell out of you! To creep you out a little bit. Or, even simply, to entertain you.

Whether it be something oddball weird or spooky, there are innumerable reasons one seeks out horror or ghastly tales, and we're confident we will satisfy more than a few of them with our assortment. Different than our last, this edition focuses primarily on Horrors of the Mind (with quirky, oddball stories thrown in as well), be it grief, depression, trauma, or something, someplace in-between.
  • The Widow's Son by Graves Asher
  • The One Two Punchline by McConnaughay
  • Cha Cha Cha! by McConnaughay
  • Molly Wants to Play by Ashley Grant
  • Serpentine by Ashley Grant
  • The Artist by S. A. Moore
  • A Religious Man by S.A. Moore
  • The Color House by S.A. Moore
  • Reflection by Matt Schorr
  • The Abandoned Church by Bradley Walker
  • The Whispering Grandfather by Bradley Walker
Microfiction Maestro
Apr 14, 2023
I like the cover artwork for this one a lot. Did you make it? Commission an artist? A.I., maybe?